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Hello Friends, What started as a faithful step into the unknown, riding a motorcycle through the Sub-Saharan countryside, turned into a social enterprise that consumed much of my focus, time, and energy. Over these last 3 ½ years, I built Eagle & Crane Coffee Co. with the substance of my heart, and I’m so very proud to have seen what it became and what it has done for others. Not just to caffeinate them but also to inspire and promote a new way of seeing the world. My heart is forever focused on finding those who are overlooked, living a life among the marginalized, and uplifting those who were not given a fair opportunity to succeed. In the aftermath of the craziness of 2020 and 2021, I’ve come to realize that my priorities and my actions were disconnected. My own limitations and capacities were made evident, and my heart has been aching to return to its roots. So it is with a lot of deliberation and quite a few tears that I have decided to take a sabbatical from Eagle & Crane to focus on my new marriage, my work as a sourdough baker, and to recenter and reintegrate my heart’s truest desires. I cannot say that this is the end of Eagle & Crane Coffee Co., but I know that I’ll have to be fully inspired and return restructured if I am to fulfill coffee orders again. Knowing myself, I have a feeling that some related inspiration will come, and when it does I want to share it with you. Until then, thank you. From the deepest parts of my heart I am grateful for every one of you who has believed in me and invested to see me succeed. Until next time, Mack

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